# What is Tea?

Teodora (or Tea for short) is a PHP micro-framework mostly used for API development.

It feels and looks very similar to the Laravel framework (~97% similarity).

Tea should be the first starting point when you decide to pick up a PHP framework (to learn), especially Laravel.

Tea is not a framework to use for production. The goal is to build Tea from scratch.

By buying the course Create Tea a PHP framework from scratch, you learn the following:

  • How to create a composer project
  • How to build a large PHP framework
    • Routing
    • Controllers
    • Middlewares
    • ORM
    • API resources
    • Views
    • JWT
    • JWT authentication
    • Migrations
    • Validation
    • Observers
    • Commands
    • and more
  • Improve OOP skills
  • and more

Creating a framework similar to Laravel from scratch, will help you a lot later when working with Laravel or a different PHP framework.

You can buy the course from here.